Monday, September 26, 2011

MOD Monday - Missoni For Target Collection

The Italian fashion house Missoni, famous for it's colorful patterns and unique knitwear is reaching out to us 'common folk' and creating a collection exclusively for Target.  Missoni has been around since 1953 and was most definitely trend worthy in the 60's with it's flair for geometric chevron & striped prints, as well as bold florals.  These pricey designs that hail from Varese, are going mainstream and quite affordable as we will be seeing pieces ranging from $19.99 to $54.99 at the popular retail store, that are all set to go for this Fall 2011. 
Their clothing styles are definitely staying true to the vintage MOD vibe that captured the essence of the 1960's proving that everything in regards to fashion revolves back around decades after they were once popular.  My question is... "Will today's youth opt for this overtly edgy fashion fare?"  I'm thinking probably not and that this will be more revered by the late 30's to 40 something crowd, because these pieces are definitely in the same form as they were over forty years ago as pictured here in this vintage Missoni swimwear ad...  
The dish is that there has been a limited supply since they hit the stores on September 13th and once they're gone, they're gone so you can either purchase them direct or online until October 13th.  
I love all things MOD however, I'm not quite sure that I would personally go to this extreme with the pairings shown above.  In my opinion, I would worry that someone would mistake me as dressing up for Halloween as a hippie or a character from the Austin Powers flick ya know? Maybe one or two Missoni accessories would suffice, but as a whole, these styles are just too busy for my taste!   


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