Friday, September 23, 2011

Fashion In Film Friday - The Great Gatsby

Since I began the week with Mia Farrow as 'muse' for my weekly MOD Monday post, I figured I would end it with her as well!  In 1974, Mia played leading lady 'Daisy' opposite Robert Redford in the film adaptation, based on the 1929 novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald called 'The Great Gatsby'.  This romantic drama is basically a love triangle about two guys who pine for a married woman.  Jay Gatsby, played by Redford is a wealthy extravagant socialite who come to find out, has gained his wealth by illegal activities such as bootlegging alcohol.  There have been many versions of this film produced and currently one in production set to be released in 2012, starring Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio as leads...    
Regardless of staying true to the book, the movie succumbed to negative reviews stating that it lacked in staying true to the 'jazz age' that was prominent in the 20's.  In spite of this, it was a box office success, bringing in over twenty five million.  'The Great Gatsby' won at The Academy Awards that year for best costume design, and rightfully so.  The rich and elaborate details of the styles that ruled that era were pinpoint perfection!  
From the bodacious sequined flapper cloche to the uber feminine chiffon & lace simple frocks accentuated with wide brim hats, this film had the ability to send us back in time.  The word 'Gatsby' went on to become a term that defined the well off in comparison to those who were not.  It was the rowdy time of prohibition, when women were truly coming into their own.  This timeless style is eternal as we are seeing it being brought back to life by designers such as Ralph Lauren, who created his fantastically gorgeous modern take on this vintage Gatsby'esque classic.  The fresh elegance of the pale palettes shimmer in soft pinks, silvers and whites.  
Gatsby girl, flapper, whatever you choose to call the style that embodied this time frame, you can easily put together your own look by incorporating some of these pieces into your wardrobe.  I am personally in love with the return of the cloche hat!
This what seems to our day and age...a 'modest' style, definitely has the hint of the subtle sensuality that encompassed the bygone era that was "the roaring 20's!"


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