Tuesday, September 6, 2016

MOD Monday - Barbara Eden

Barbara Eden had been in show biz for over a decade before landing the role of Jeannie in the popular sitcom of the 60's, 'I Dream Of Jeannie'.  The story line was about a genie in a bottle rescued by an astronaut.  The show lasted for 5 years and a total of 139 episodes before it went into syndication in 1970.  Although she had played many roles and portrayed a slew of characters throughout her career, Eden will always be best known for her stint as the midriff baring 2,000 year old genie. Given the era and censorship standards of the mid 60's, Barbara was not allowed to show her navel on the show initially and to keep the moral values in check, it was made perfectly clear that although Jeannie lived with Major Healy, she slept in her bottle because after all they weren't married! 
Barbara Eden was popular outside of the show and considered a mod icon for her era.  She was a hottie in her time and besides making cat eye make up a sought after look that's still trendy to this day, she was all about the MOD mini!
Being in the midst of the 'Women's Movement', she dared to wear the micro'est of minis in the most adorable styles & prints.
Now in her late 70's, she's written a memoir detailing the public and private tragedies that came with her fame titled "Jeannie Out Of The Bottle".  It was released in April of this year.
*For a fun and flirty 'night on the town' outfit, why not try to piece together your own Jeannie vintage inspired outfit?
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