Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fashion Recycling In Hollywood?

There's a new trend circulating around Hollywood as many stars have been 'recycling' their wardrobe but maybe not in the sense you would assume upon hearing the word 'recycle'.  It's no secret that some celebs live so extravagantly that the mere thought of wearing the same garment twice would bring them to tears (Paris Hilton) however, there are those who are not above the grain and are opting for a more green approach to staying trendy.  Jennifer Aniston for example has no problem with being seen in public wearing the same black vest and slacks. 
In the 'real world' wearing the same thing twice is no big whoop but obviously for the rich and famous it's actually looked down on by their peers.  For instance, Ozzy's brat Kelly Osbourne who for whatever reason made it on the Fashion Police panel, slammed British royalty Kate Middleton for wearing the same dress on more than one occasion.
I'm thinking that was a bit snobbish and hasty considering Osbourne who is now considered to be a reformed hot mess, has been at the mercy of the tabloids herself in the past and was even recently pointed out as being one of the worst dressed!  Here is the 'same' look worn by Kelly almost decades apart, neither one is screaming "I'M EXTREMELY FASHION SAVVY!"...eh? 
Michelle Obama has been spotted buying clothes off the rack, Lindsay Lohan has been cited for sharing her closet with her sister Ali & even Brittney Spears is on board with the idea as she was seen wearing the same shorts and tee shirt twice in one week and her attempt to change it up a bit with a straw fedora didn't mix it up much!
I've never understood the hype associated with wearing the same thing twice, but of course my fashion choices are not out there under the scrutiny of the public eye so with that being said, "maybe it's a true 'sign of the times' that to some extent, the current recession is even hitting to the level that it's effecting the lifestyles of the rich and famous?"  To sum up my response, "BOO and HOO"...   

With all of the more pressing issues at hand going on in the world these days, who's wearing what and how many times over should be the least of our concerns! 

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