Monday, October 3, 2011

MOD Monday - Julie Driscoll

In the 60's, music had a huge influence on the fashions that shaped the 'Mod movement' and British singer Julie Driscoll was definitely in the realms of those who inspired people to dress a certain way.  Hailing from London, England, she started out staking her claim to fame by covering a Bob Dylan original titled "This Wheel's On Fire" and soon thereafter became instrumental in defining the psychedelic era that was British music.  In her teens, Driscoll was the prez of the Yardbirds fan club.  
As she progressed on through to the 70's she focused her musical talents in the genre of Jazz and since then goes by the name of Julie Tippet's, having taken on her married name.  In the late 60's, Julie's bohemian style became truly representative of the vintage mod fashion scene.  
The bohemian 60's was different from the hippie 60's in that it wasn't about baring your feet and wearing flowers in your hair.  It was more of a flowy maxi skirts, floppy hats, boas, faded torn blues and cheese cloth blouses that you can see through (I know because my aunt had one!) were what boho was all about. The mod mix in of course was the pixie hair do that was being duped by everyone from Twiggy, to Mia Farrow!
This Fall 2011, we've been seeing a resurgence of the vintage mod styles in stores everywhere!  Mod boho is one of the simplest to emulate with just a few simple additions to your wardrobe.
My fave Julie Driscoll tune is "Season Of The Witch" which was originally put out by the artist Donovan.  In her time, she was totally a hipster chick!


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Unknown said...

Nice! I haven't actually heard of her before. And I love how this post ties in with your Mia Farrow post. PS, LOOOOOVE those red slouchy boots in the last picture.