Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beyonce Rocks It Audrey Hepburn Style In Her Latest Video

Seems these days, celebrities abound are into the vintage Audrey Hepburn style when it comes to creating a buzz.  For instance, last week I blogged about how Anna Faris and Lady Gaga were seen out on the town last weekend, both wearing the same Hepburn inspired little black dress and now this week, we've seen a little sneak peek of pop singer Beyonce's new single titled "Countdown".
In one segment, the music video features her duping the vintage style of Hepburn to a tee.  She's a complete doppelganger replicating the dance moves, the classic black turtleneck & slacks and even the up-do that she sported in the 1954 film classic, "Funny Face" that Audrey co-starred in, along side Fred Astaire.
This particular style and dance was even incorporated into a GAP commercial promoting skinny black pants back in 2007, with music by the rock band ACDC's 'Back In Black' as the backdrop.  This advertising stint was brilliant!


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