Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spotlight Saturday - Trendy Styles For Plus Size Ladies

Sometime last week, I did a blog on comedienne Melissa McCarthy who stepped outside of the box to design her own dress that she wore to this year's Emmy's. She's in the spotlight this week for being quoted as saying ... "Trying to find stuff that's still fashion forward in my size is damn near impossible".  The 41 year old actress who recently made herself a house hold name from her appearance in the now out on dvd movie Bridesmaids, makes no qualms about the fact that she embraces her size and hopes to design a clothing line for women with similar body types.  Although I agree with her that there shouldn't be any form of discrimination when a woman of any size ventures out shopping to find the right garment, I disagree with her comment that being a mother actually helps her to feel less insecure about her looks.  In my opinion, that statement projects the vibe of making an excuse for herself & actually makes her appear insecure.  In regards to our physical appearances and the way we perceive ourselves, I don't think there's any gray to contemplate. It's all black & white isn't it?  We're either on board with ourselves or we're not.  And does being a 'mother' allow a woman leeway when it comes to being on top of her game?  Sounds kind of like a cop out but either way, I'm looking forward to seeing her designs.  Especially after the purple mess she put together for the Emmy's. 


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