Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blogger Queen Susie Bubble

I browse many fashion related blogs daily and happened to come upon one titled...'Style Bubble'.  The writer of the blog, Susie Lau goes by the name  Susie Bubble which was given to her by her primary school classmate because of her personality trait of seeming like she's in a world of her own most of the time. Susie is in her late twenties & a British born Chinese woman who doesn't dabble in fashion retail but is for sure a fashion consumerist.  She states no claim to being an expert on the subject of fashion, in spite of how well versed she is on the subject on pretty much every level.  Having resided in London her whole life, she is quite familiar with the fashion hot spots in her area and has links to them on her site.  Writing has always been second nature to Bubble, as she began her 'Style Bubble' fashion blog in 2006 and ended up resigning from her position in digital media with 'DAZED' in 2010' & now makes her living as a free lance writer, full time blogger. 
Since 2006, over 30,000 people have ritualistically logged on every day to see what Susie has to say...and for the past five years she has obviously been entertaining the masses with her opinions & style choices regarding fashion since she has developed quite a cult following.  She claims to be a fashion 'outsider' rather than 'insider', meaning she has no inside connections to the fashion world & just goes by instinct alone when it comes to style.  She's big on experimenting with her own idea of what's fashionable & it totally seems to be working for her!...
Regardless of the fact that she's had no formal training in fashion, design or anything relating to it, she has gained much press over the past five years having been written about or appearing in, Vogue, Elle, Nylon, Teen Vogue, etc... simply because she has a keen eye for detail.
Susie Lau, better known as Susie Bubble is one of the most recognized fashion bloggers today and has created for herself the title of 'internet style icon' by simply doing what comes natural ... writing about her passion for fashion.

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