Monday, July 18, 2011

MOD Monday - Joey Heatherton

It's hard to believe that the pouty sex kitten with the signature blond shag, Joey Heatherton, will be turning 67 this September 14th 2011.  Heatherton's popularity spanned a decade from the mid sixties to the late seventies and she is definitely known for being a part of the 'mod generation'.
Born Davenie Johanna (i.e. Joey) Heatherton in New York in 1944 to veteran song and dance man Ray Heatherton, she went on to become a singer/dancer/actress, but her career only lasted the short length of a decade and she had only appeared in about a dozen films before it fizzled out.  She was also a regular on popular shows of that time such as The Perry Como Show, Dean Martin Show, The Ed Sullivan Show and This Is Tom Jones. 
She was Bob Hope's side kick accompanying him overseas in support of the serving troops, performing and entertaining sailors aboard the USS Ticonderoga  in Vietnam, December of 1965 & in Thailand in December of 1967.  
She became a pop culture icon most remembered for her servitude to the military but claimed her fame for her overt sex appeal, preceding the footsteps of her fellow sex symbol Farrah Fawcett by posing for Playboy while in her 50's, appearing in the April 1997 issue of Hugh Hefner's popular mag.
The last movie she appeared in that had any acclaim was the 1990's cult classic "Cry Baby' featuring Johnny Depp.  Heatherton portrayed Milton's mother in the film.  Unfortunately, after successfully creating a legacy for herself having had a second in the limelight, Joey Heatherton fell into the Hollywood stereotype by succumbing to a life threatening drug addiction as well as an eating disorder when her star status died down.  

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