Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heat Wave Chic - Stayin' Cool & Classy

When the temperatures begin to rise, that's when clothes start coming off and it seems as though that is also the time when we begin to see too many fashion no-no's that totally contradicts the saying ... "Less is best"!  "Just because we're in the middle of a Midwest heat wave, does that mean that we still can't stay cool & classy?"  Not that I personally consider myself in the ranks of Joan Rivers & her notorious fashion police or anything, but geesh sometimes it's just so out there and it's just so wrong on too many levels that it kind of makes you want to say ... "Girl, Oh no you didn't?".  I know you know exactly what I'm talking about!  The numero uno fashion faux pas that seems to strike every Summer is the ill fitting swimsuit.  ""News flash"", no one wants to see all that business popping out everywhere!  No matter who you are or what your body type, & contrary to popular beliefs, it's just not attractive when it borders on pornographic.  And by all means, if you're going to opt for a white bathing suit, please make sure it's lined so your bits don't end up being on center stage for all to see... & F.Y.I., anything that might be defined as 'micro' is an 'instant NO-NO'!
When it comes to sporting shorts, in my opinion...the ones you see bunched up in the crotch area because they don't fit properly, are just as atrocious as seeing someone wearing a pair of 'daisy dukes'.  Finding the right pair is really not that difficult and there's an easy formula to it.  If you're short in stature pic shorts that hit you at mid thigh in length, If you're taller, opt for Bermuda shorts that rise just above the knee.
One trend that seems to be fairly new is the pairing of Fall/Winter'ish boots like UGGS, or the trendy boot slippers with summer wear.  I tend to consider myself pretty open minded when it comes to variations in style trends, but seriously, I think UGGS are UGG'ly when paired with mini skirts, summer shorts and worst of all bikinis!  It just looks sweaty!
O.k., so now that I've dished on the Summer style 'negs', here's what I find to be summer 'pos'...  Pale hued sundresses accented with crocheted boleros, flowing Summer floor length bohemian skirts paired with gypsy tops and flip flops & last but not least the Summer nudes (tan, taupe, khaki), anything light and airy that gives the vibe of confidence & sensuality topped with underlying notes of discreet modesty & remember that just because it's Summer, that doesn't mean we gotta let it all hang out!   
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Makena said...

oh my gosh i cant stand uggs and shorts! they make me want to gag!!! thank you for posting this. it needed to be said.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the feedback Makena it's always appreciated! xoxo