Monday, June 13, 2011

MOD Monday

The 60's will always be known for its designing styles that included the shapeless shifts & geometric prints.  The 'mod movement' originated in London and caught on quickly in the states.  Not everyone knows this, but mod fashion was hugely inspired by pop art.  I thought it would be fun to post some fashion advertisements from the Mod era of the 1960's. 

This is an ad for Tangee lipstick from 1960 which from first glance would have the reader assuming it was an ad for clothing!

Dolly Talk eye shadow circa 1960

Irazu Airlines...Love the mod stewardess uniforms!

Junior Bazaar magazine always featured the most current fashion trends...

The vintage 60's was the dawn of the bikini, go go boots, psychedelic prints and mismatched colors.  It was the decade of the biggest shift in design trends...

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