Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Brigitte Bardot...Sex Kitten Of The 50's & 60's

There were many female celebrities who sparked the 'women's movement' with their overt sense of sexuality and that was way before pop icon Madonna did  back in the 50's & 60's & Brigitte Bardot, was most definitely one of them!  Born in Paris, France, Brigitte was a voluptuous beauty who's body image had a major impact on fashion.  
A neckline style was even named after her...the 'Bardot' which is a wide open neck exposing both shoulders and a whole lot more!

Her early desire was to be a dancer but soon found fame in acting, becoming known world wide after starring in the sexy thriller 'And God Created Woman'.  The film pushed censorship boundaries but as usual..sex always sells however, I have to laugh at the idea of 'a torrid tropical dance' being considered as risque considering what we see on the screen nowadays, let alone at home on our own televisions!

Besides the neckline style, Bardot is said to have been solely responsible for the rise in the popularity of the bikini, as well as the vintage beehive hairstyle.  She was called 'bikini girl' because pretty much all of the movies she starred in from the beginning had her portraying naughty sex kittens who pranced around in hardly anything!  As her career progressed she flashed some B&B (boobs & bunns) quite often and even agreed to do a rape scene. 

In her elder years, Brigitte has been in the tabloids on both a positive and negative note.  Positive because she's an animal activist and negative because unfortunately this once beautiful woman is a profound racist who was convicted on June 10th 2004 for 'inciting racial hatred'.  A true example of how sometimes 'beauty is only skin deep'...

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