Monday, June 6, 2011

MOD Monday

Go-go boots first became popular in the 60's given the name that was derived from the 1962 slang term "go", meaning something that was "all the rage" and that was followed by the term "go-go dancer" in 1965.  Back then, a go go dancer wasn't necessarily a stripper as many well established night clubs featured mod mama's in retro frocks and go-go boots dancing in cages.  Initially boots were only thought to be worn during bad weather to protect us from the elements and not as street wear, but just like everything...fashions evolved...

The go-go type boots generally sits at the knee or above the knee with a lower flat chunky heel.  They were famous for drawing attention to the legs when paired with right mini skirt/dress.  You know you've found a 'vintage' go-go boot if it's made of plastic or vinyl and it's colorful, because the 'mod' go-go boots of the 60's came in array of colors!

Nancy Sinatra and Jane Fonda, both made go-go boots popular in song and film, as Nancy sang about them in her popular one hit wonder hit "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" and Jane showed us her sexy side in some space age go-go boots in the cult science fiction movie Barbarella.

Check out these sexy lace up boots worn by stewardess's in the 60's and for real with the hot pants?!

Retro Threadz 'LOVES' us some go-go boots & there have been many unique style and color variations that have came and went, but we are always on the hunt for that special find!  Currently, we have a few left in the shop... , , , , ,


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh, those boots are amazing! All the colors of the rainbow, and then some others! lol
Smiles, karen

Unknown said...

I love vintage go go boots, they so rock! xoxo