Tuesday, June 7, 2011

RED...The Power Color!

"Scarlet, rose, crimson or just plain red...call it by any name, it will always be considered the color of romance and rage! Red is the most emotionally intense color to wear if you want to draw attention to yourself on any given occasion.  It's often always associated with energy and desire and the frequent wearer of the color 'red' usually has an unspoken aura of heightened sensuality...

In 1953, the very first issue of Hugh Hefner's 'Playboy Magazine' featured the infamous Marilyn Monroe as the centerfold and it comes as no surprise that the backdrop for the photo shoot was 'red'.  It is said, that when used in advertising, the color red evokes feelings of eroticism. 

Vintage screen stars, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor were best known for their pouty red lips and the seductive statement making shade for evening wear... These vampy vixens were way ahead of their time, putting sexy off the charts!

The legendary designer Valentino who has been in the business of fashion for over forty five years, has used so much of the color scarlet in his collection's that his fans named it after him...'Valentino Red'. 

Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang at the 2011 Academy Awards...

Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese in Zac Posen...

Red, most definitely still dominates to this day in regards to fashions, from evening wear, right down to rain slickers and let's not forget the red lipstick!  Red is always going to be the color of POWER!

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