Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flippin' For Flops...Timeless Vintage Pop Culture Footwear

When the dog days of Summer roll around, you're always sure to see scads of people out strolling around in the perfect seasonal foot wear known as the  'flip flop'.  As of late, the versatility of the flop has become so diverse that we're even seeing young girls wearing them as an accompaniment to their Homecoming/Prom dresses.  I did a little research on the history/origin of the flop and here's what I found...

The 'flip flop' concept (thin rubber soles with a Y-strap) has been around since the 1930's but were originally woven soled and dating waaaay back prior to that.  They are the most primitive form of footwear going back to six thousand years around the stone age!   It wasn't until the mid fifties, during post war that these cheap rubber (usually made from recycled tires) flops became a part of pop culture. 

In the twentieth century, the vintage pop culture flip flop has become a part of dress wear just as much as jeans and a t-shirt have, and both teen girls and movie stars alike have popularized them by accessorizing their formal wear with them.

Over three decades, the most popular of all flip flops called Havaianas were originated & produced in Brazil, selling for around $3.00 per pair, mostly to peasants, housekeepers and other working class.  As the times, economy and styles changed, Havaianas became more of a fashion staple as designers were taking on the concept of embellishing them and experimenting with materials, colors and patterns. 

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This simple form of footwear will always be a timeless piece of vintage pop culture... 



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