Friday, May 27, 2011

Fashion In Film Friday

'Almost Famous' was the movie that made the bohemian style of the laid back 70's 'famous' again...  It is a fictional tale based around a young teen who lands a job an intern reporter for Rolling Stone mag and his adventures following the band Stillwater, in an effort to get his first cover story published.

The 2000 film is in part autobiographical being that the movies director Cameron Crowe, was himself a teenage writer for Rolling Stone and the flick depicts certain aspects of that time in his life.  It's Kate Hudson's character, the groupie Penny Lane that we remember most about this movie. Penny is the perfect blend of carefree, rocker/hippie chic who's fashion sense in nothing but fun and fearless!  Gypsy, halter tops & peasant blouses.  Paisley prints, stone washed denim cut offs and shearling jackets.  This film reeked of the youthful rebellion that spawned from the 70's! 

Designers have emulated the styling of Hudson's character Penny Lane as seen here by Alberta Ferretti with her 'boho couture collection'...

There's a little wild child in each of us, so here's some ideas if you plan on channeling your inner Penny Lane with this vintage retro rewind timeless fashion style!....You know you want to!


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