Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spotlight Saturday

Just got wind that soulful singer Amy Winehouse is back in rehab at the advice of her doctor, but the news said she was caught stopping off at a party store prior to re-admittance, to get herself a small bottle of Smirnoff!  Her last run at rehab was in 2008 which makes me think of that old joke about how...'rehab is for quitters'! ah ha!

The English born songwriter, who's voice does not match her petite frame has been popular since we first heard her hit song ironically titled 'Rehab', back in 2006.  This beehive toting mama was the first in a very long time to bring back the soulful sound of the old days.  

Last year, she tried her hand at fashion designing, but I never heard of anything coming into fruition.   There could have been many reasons, one being that the collection was designed after her own clothing style which isn't considered by many to be fashionable...or it could have been simply because people had fallen out of love with her because of the fact she's wasted pretty much all of her talents on her addiction that she so freely puts out there without regard for how her audience perceives her?  

It's kind of like...she doesn't care, so why should we?



Vanessa said...

I can see why her clothing line didnt take off. She is such an awful example. I really do hope she cleans up her act someday and before its too late. Really enjoying your posts Mary!!

Unknown said...

Thank you Vanessa!

Sarah said...

love the blog!