Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Farewell To Oprah....

For the past twenty five years, we have been graced with her presence for one hour each and every day.  Some of us even went the lengths of making sure to DVR or TIVO her show in an effort not to miss an episode!   Sadly for those of us avid followers, yesterday was the end of an era as talk show queen Opray Winfrey bid us a sweet farewell...

When I reflect on the years I've watched Oprah, I can't help but think of the ridicule she's endured for her ever fluctuating weight being under the constant scrutiny of the watchful public eye & at the same time, I look to her with complete admiration for the fact that she never lost her sense of style amidst the backlash of the hounding paparazzi.

It's true she has had her ups and downs in regards to weight, but she has never wavered in keeping up with fashion trends.  Oprah showed us that how we perceive ourselves, is more than likely going to reflect on how people perceive us & in spite of her struggles, she continued to maintain an air of class and kept her 'swagga' on at high levels & at all times! 

Random Fact: One of Oprah's most favorite fashion designers is Ralph Lauren. 

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