Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vintage Vogue

Vogue magazine is waaaay beyond 'vintage' being that the mag was first founded in 1892.  The publication didn't really start taking off until around the great depression when it's number of subscriptions began to rise. It wasn't until the 1960's however, that Vogue began to appeal to the youth of that generation as it began focusing more on contemporary fashions and the subject matter became more loose discussing topics such as 'sexuality' which was considered taboo even during that time of the sexual revolution of the free loving 60's.
Vogue magazine has of course adapted to the times, changing with each era and especially gained world wide recognition as a reputable source of 'what's what on the fashion scene' after being taken over by the current editor in chief Anna Wintour in 1988.   Wintour brought a fresh new take on the vintage periodical by incorporating an idea of how the 'common woman' (i.e. not wealthy), could incorporate an air of haute couture into their daily wardrobe with less expensive designer 'looking' pieces.  Before she came on board, the magazine had become stagnant offering the same ol' same old to it's avid readers, month after month.
Ms. Wintour has gained such a reputation in the fashion industry as an unabashed power house that she was nicknamed 'nuclear wintour' by her peers.    Without it being said literally, the character played by Meryl Streep in the 2006 'Devil Wears Prada', about a demanding fashion magazine editor was said to have been likened after her.  It was reported after the film was released that Wintour was not fond of the way she was portrayed regardless of the movies acclaimed success at the box office.
Vogue is so internationally popular that even if Wintour stepped down from her position, it's not likely that it would be going anywhere anytime soon, given the reputable nature it has gained in over a century!  

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Designer Dish on Salvatore Ferragamo

Although he's been gone for over a half a century, Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo will always be known for his outrageous shoe designs, as pictured here with this pair of 1938, stacked, multi color platform sandals that were actually about forty years ahead of their time being that they could have easily be mistaken for styles we've seen worn circa 1970.
At the height of his career, his shoe designs were worn by Hollywood royalty such as Audrey Hepburn and he was considered to be the 'shoemaker to the stars'.  What set him apart from the many other up and coming designer competitors was his ability to custom make a shoe that felt just as good as it looked on the wearer.  He could fashion a shoe to fit any foot, just as well as a tailor could custom a suit.
Ferragamo or rather, the design house of the late Ferragamo has always been considered a family ran business being that it has been handed down from generation to generation and although shoes, belts and bags have always been at the forefront of the store front, around 1980 they began incorporating clothing into their mix of merchandise with their reputable designer label however, shoes will always be their mainstay.  Recently they showcased their 'Women's Resort 2012 Collection' featuring new designs of shoes and bags with a 'geared toward going on a vay kay' vibe & it was said that some notable ladies of Tinseltown made an appearance at the event such as Eva Mendez & Minka Kelly to stake dibs on their select fave pieces...

Given the past rich history of the Ferragamo line of extraordinary shoe designs, I am personally not very hooked on the Resort Collection.  I feel it's a bit muted/tame in comparison to what I've seen from decades ago which is now considered 'Vintage Ferragamo'....
Check back often as Retro Threadz has been known to find Ferragamo's every now and then! 

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Watercolor Floral

There's a new diversion to the common floral print taking over these days as 'water color floral' designs are making a big statement this summer.  Gone is the idea that 'floral prints' are a vintage design of the past or for your granny, as solids are out & vivacious brush stroke hues are in!  Watercolor prints look like something that came straight off of an artists canvas...  Floral is big in Hollywood at the moment, seen here being worn by Cameron Diaz, Heidi Montag and Leslie Mann.

Floral was seen at Prom this year in designs such as this watercolor floral low draped back prom dress...

This watercolor floral bohemian print peasant blouse is ultra feminine paired with a pair of stone washed denim jeans...
Floral is everywhere and in every design from bags to shoes and don't think it's going to go away come Winter as it's even being incorporated into colder weather clothing although considered non traditional. , , , , , , , .

Monday, June 27, 2011

Graduation 2011

Hey Retro Threadz friends! Just wanted to give props to my nephew Dakota who graduated this year.  He was selected to be his schools Class of 2011 Valedictorian. He delivered the graduation speech flawlessly!  Our city newspaper interviewed him due to the fact that he received straight A's in the core classes that have been made tougher by the new government requirements for graduation.  We came together as a family this weekend to celebrate his accomplishments!  Such a wonderful weekend, hopes yours was just as great! xoxo

Linda Morand - MOD Monday

Linda Morand from Long Island, New York, was one of the top fashion models of the mid 60's to mid 70's.  She was was originally discovered by Eileen Ford (Ford Modeling) and graced the pages of Vogue, Glamour & Mademoiselle as well as many international fash mags.  She was considered to be the favorite model of designers Betsey Johnson & Vidal Sassoon and was one of the first ever American models to be booked from New York to work the runway in Paris.
She had an uncanny resemblance to Jacqueline Kennedy when she was younger  and even had the opportunity to meet her doppelganger at P.J. Clarke's in Manhattan in 1971.  Her modeling career was more successful in Europe than in the United States as she was the muse to Pierre Cardin, Karl Lagerfeld and Paco Rabanne.  She was well versed in her craft that took her on travels through Paris, Milan, Munich and Barcelona.   She was one of the most photographed models of the MOD era, who was just like her contemporary Twiggy, was an 'it girl' who set the standard of style for her generation...
Her career was short lived and only spanned a duration of one decade as she retired in 1975 to raise a family.  She did however, open a small exclusive modeling school as well as an international photography studio. At present day, the vintage haute couture model spends the majority of her time trying to get a two hour television special off the ground...'The Supermodels Hall Of Fame'
Now in her 60's, Morand could still pass for mid 40's as this once super model, super chick of the 60's is still on top of her game which totally diminishes the usual stereotype of today's supermodels with their eating disorders and heroine chic look and totally gives rise to the old adage that 'they just don't make em' like they used to'! , minimadmod60',

Vintage 60s Black mink fur collar coat - Giveaway

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As I go through my inventory this evening trying to sort through it all, I've never realized just how many coats I have accumulated. Really, just way to many that I have collected, purchased etc. but the thing about having so many coats is that they are so bulky for storage so I thought this would be a great giveaway! I know it is so hot right now in certain parts of the world and no one is thinking about a coat but the cold weather will be here before a blink of a eye. The giveaways for the coat will be for Domestic but if you are a International reader and would like to enter all I ask is that you pay for shipping as these coats are very heavy. So here we go with tonight's giveaway ***

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Fashion In Film Friday - "The Lost Boys"

Even before the movie 'Twilight', vampires have been romanticized in movies.  The 1987 flick Lost Boys, starring Kiefer Sutherland as the head vamp & Jason Patric as the lead role, was definitely one to remember. 
Besides having a killer soundtrack, the style of the undead was off the hook, retro bohemian gypsy.  They wore embellished military jackets, long trench coats, army boots, bangle jewelry and long flowing skirts.  And let's not forget to mention the big 80's hair!  Jamie Gertz who played Patric's love interest, was rogue'ishly feminine in her belly dancer inspired boho floor length skirt and colorful peasant inspired top.
Shortly after this film was released, the grunge movement in regards to fashions came about which leaves us to believe that the inspiration behind it may have very well have come from this.  Grunge by definition is based on the Seattle sound that emerged during the late 80's and trailed on well into the first half of the 90's and the fashion style changes that came along with it.  

There hasn't been much of an evolution in comparison to grunge circa 1987 til' now as we've seen a stand still in the design, however there's been a bit of a goth influence to the grunge status quo as vampire movies have evoked a cosplay feel to the fashion statement, by incorporating a lot of 'black & metal' into their daily wear.
I am personally a big fan of vampire movies, so I have one question for you...

Are you TEAM EDWARD or.....TEAM JACOB? ,

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Venus & Serena Williams...Fashionable On The Court?

Anyone who follows the sport of Tennis, knows very well who sisters Venus & Serena Williams are.  Both being professional tennis players formerly in the #1 ranking.  Besides being on top of their game in tennis, both of the Williams sisters have redefined the idea of sports wear and have found a way to mix fashion with athletics.
Last year, Venus definitely had heads turning on the court when she turned up wearing her own racy lingerie inspired tennis dress that what a spaghetti strapped, corset bodice, laced trim flouncy concoction.   I'm not too sure this would be considered a favorable sporty fashion fave amongst her racket swinging peers!  I'm not quite sure that 'sexy' is the word I'd use to describe this designer mishap?!  
Sister Serena Williams obviously opts for the gladiator/Xena warrior queen look as she was seen wearing this custom made black get up complete with knee boots? That just looks 'HOT' to me and not in a good way, but literally! 
I respect their desire to try to incorporate high fashion into their daily sports attire but in this instance, I think the traditional 'white'  on the court is most eye appealing and uniformly appropriate.  

Or even this school girl'ish inspired pink mini skirt number seen worn by Serena at the U.S. Open in 2007...

Venus Williams recently stated she's going to be 'trending towards simplicity' with her fashion choices on the court...and that comment from her was before she decided to wear this!...  If they could both just do away with the missing undergarments look to their outfits, they might be a bit more palatable...
Or maybe not!....What is your opinion? , , , , ,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lady Gaga Wants Her Own Fashion Line

Lady Gaga was recently named 'Fashion Icon' at the CFDA (Council Of Fashion Designers Of America) Awards.
Gaga is said to have an 'eye' for fashion and in her video for her new single "Edge Of Glory", she is seen wearing vintage Versace.  She was quoted as saying "I would love to start a fashion line and would even stop making music for awhile, at least a year". 
After seeing these photos of her whooping it up at the CFDA after party, I'd say...."Don't quit your day job Gaga"!  I think there's a fine line where fashion and taste are concerned and she's teetering on the edge of 'raunch'!  Any thoughts?...,,,

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Farrah Fawcett...In The News Again?

Farrah Fawcett is in the news today in spite of the fact that she passed away close to two years ago.  Her ex long time lover Ryan O'Neal has come forward to claim that he believes the stress from their tumultuous relationship brought on her illness and ultimately cost her her life.  I personally think that idea's a bit out there, but reading the article gave me my inspiration for todays post.

Farrah Fawcett was an American born actress and stated to have also been an artist although I had never heard of her stating any fame from it.  The only art I knew she was involved with, centered around the photo shoot she agreed to do for Playboy when she hit her fifties in the 90's.  Having turned down anything that had to do with being nude in movies and the media throughout her career, this came as a complete shock to her fans!  That spread was the best selling issue ever, topping out at over 4 million sold.

In her early career, Farrah started out in commercials & she was a spokes model for Breck shampoo, Noxema, Ultra Brite toothpaste & the 1975 Mercury Cougar.  She then went on to further her acting career landing a role on the popular hit show of the late seventies, 'Charlie's Angels' opposite Jaclyn Smith & Kate Jackson.  It wasn't until 1976 when she posed for the infamous red swim suit poster, that she became an overnight sex symbol.  That poster sold over 12 million copies world wide & the only overtly sexual aspect of the photo was that her headlights were on ah ha! 

She was also considered to be in the top 100 most influential fashion icons of the seventies with her skimpy clothes, big smile and mass of blond curls.  It was even suggested that she deserves some major kudos for inspiring the glamazon Victoria's Secret "Angel" look since her legendary hairstyle has been mega duped on the catwalk.

Unfortunately, I can't help but remember how in the end of her career, she became a bit wacky and eccentric with her flighty antics during talk show interviews & other televised media events.  I think this was due majorly in part to the fact that Farrah was having an issue with the idea of growing old.  It was evident in the bad nip/tucks, that she was chasing time and wasn't interested in the concept of aging gracefully...

All of that changed in the end as Farrah let go of worrying about esthetics or how the world saw her physical self when she let us all see her battle with cancer in a very raw and intimate account of her day to day struggle with the disease that ultimately ended her life.  She redeemed herself in the public eye and left behind her a legacy of strength, dignity and grace that will never be forgotten.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Goldie Hawn - MOD Monday

Not too many of our generation knows that actress Goldie Hawn was the MOD 'it girl' back in her heyday, or that she got her big break on the now vintage, no longer in syndication Rowan & Martin's sketch comedy show 'Laugh In'.

Her painted bikini clad body made her a popular staple on the show every week and was considered too much for t.v. back in the late 60's, early 70's.  She went on to often portray a bimbo'ish character in her films but that persona is what brought her to star status.  
Goldie re-popularized the baby doll mini dress and had a way of making the most simple frock into something fresh and exciting!

Goldie Hawn's daughter, Kate Hudson has definitely followed in her mother's foot steps with her fashion forward persona as well as a vintage vibe that's all her own.

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