Saturday, October 8, 2011

Spotlight Saturday - Slim Down Styles...An Optical Illusion!

The color 'black' has always been known as the most figure flattering of all hues and it's no secret that horizontal stripes are the least forgiving when it comes to wanting to appear thinner.  New on the block, literally, is a design pattern that is in all reality, an optical illusion pattern called 'color blocking'.  Actress Kate Winslet recently wore a Stella McCartney color block dress to the Venice Film Festival this past month.  The creation of the piece was orchestrated by using colors that give the illusion of an hourglass figure when strategically placed.  The placing of the black panels gives a waist whittling effect to the wearer.  Grant it, it would not be feasible that the illusion would work on a more amply figured gal and although the idea is unique, the downside is that everyone would know you're trying to look 'slimmer' which pretty much puts a damper on the whole idea doesn't it?...