Monday, October 10, 2011

MOD Monday - GO GO Girl Sandy Sarjeant

The mod culture born out of the 60's, pretty much originated in London and the U.S., however it migrated to Germany soon after.  Popular everywhere was the rise of GO GO dancing that followed the mod fashion craze.  GO GO dancers, unlike strippers, kept their clothes on and entertained the crowds by gyrating to the hip beats.  Initially originating from New York, the idea of GO GO dancing arose from female patrons at the city's famed Peppermint Lounge, getting up on the tables and dancing.  This in turn led to nightclub owners hiring dancers to promote their own clubs.  By no doubt, in regards to styles that came from this vintage era, GO GO boots were #1!  I'm always interested in learning new stuff be it about people, places or things in general and I happened to stumble upon Sandy Sarjeant who was the ultimate mod mama in her time.  There isn't really too much information on her other than the fact that she was from Germany, was a singer & gained her popularity from her mad GO GO dancing skills & fancy footwork. Sarjeant put out a hit song in her country, titled 'Can't Stop The Want' that never gained popularity here in the states.  the YOUTUBE vid of her performing it is a hoot as she seems to be channeling James Brown!
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