Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nylons/Pantyhose...Who Wears Them Anymore?

It it just me or does everyone else notice that it seems as though pantyhose/nylons are becoming extinct?  I swear, I rarely see anyone wearing them anymore.  They've been around since the 1920's when skirts started getting a bit shorter in length, at least to the knee of course.  Vintage hose were first made of silk, which made them expensive and because of the delicate nature of the spun silk material, they ran quite easily.  My mom told me that her mother used to put them on with gloves on her hands in an effort to keep them in tact. The early hose were thigh highs worn with a cumbersome garter belt to keep them from falling down.  They weren't conveniently elasticized like the ones we see today.  
Women have been wearing hose,thigh highs,tights, for years for many reasons. Number one being that they give the allure of slimness & firmness to the wearers legs.  Coming in various styles and colors they have definitely been a fashion staple for as long as they've been around and have evolved with the times with expanding styles.  Nowadays their is an amazingly wide variety to choose from in regards to patterns, colors, weaves, fishnet, smooth, sheer to waist, control top, etc...
Pantyhose had definitely went off the fashion scene for the past what seems fifteen years, for whatever reason?  Maybe it's because they're somewhat confining? At least that's my opinion.  Or maybe it's because we tend to dress more informal in the 21st Century? Regardless, I think women were opting for a more natural look and feel trading off hose for tanned bare legs.  It's all the talk in Tinsel Town that the new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is bringing the popularity of wearing hose back in style.  Known for being a trend setter, Middleton's panache is not due to her haute couture or hats, but rather for her choice in wearing delicately sheer stockings.
So, I guess they're back 'in', for now & I suppose that there is a time and place for them for instance when going on a job interview or when dressing for a formal occasion.  I'm not a big fan of them myself, are you?  Care to share your opinions on the subject of... "To hose or not to hose?"  


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