Thursday, August 18, 2011

CoCo Chanel A Nazi Spy?

The reputation of the revered designer CoCo Chanel is being put to the test as speculations have surfaced that she was a Nazi spy.  It wasn't kept a secret that she dated a German military intelligence officer during the war who was later found out to be a Abwher spy. The question remains as to whether or not she knew this info and if so, did that make her guilty by association?  A book was released this week suggesting that she did know and that she was actually a part of the operation.
American author, Hal W. Vaughan, a veteran of both World War II & the Korean War, worked with the U.S. intelligence community in Geneva and claims to have had intimate connections with international relations.  In his book, Vaughan even states that Chanel served Abwehr as Agent 7124, under the code-name 'Westminster'.  It was even suggested in his writings, that she was a liaison who attempted to orchestrate a meeting between Hitler and Winston Churchill in Madrid.  This puts a definite damper on the legacy the poverty born Chanel has left behind & since she passed in 1971, she's not here to defend the accusations.   
If she was in fact a part of the debauchery that was the Holocaust, all I have to say is..."Sucks to be you right bout' now CoCo" because those are some heavy duty irreparable sins!        


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