Monday, August 8, 2011

MOD Monday - Jackie Kennedy

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was the wife of our 35th President, JFK.   Born in New York, she went on to serve as 'First Lady' from 1961 until Kennedy's assassination in 1963.  Being frequent in the public eye, she always maintained an air of style and grace with her personal fashion choices.  The infamous double breasted, strawberry pink with navy trim, Chanel wool skirt suit she wore on November 22nd 1963, quickly pushed her to fashion icon for the 60's status and became a symbol of the era that everyone remembers her for.
Current First Lady, Michelle Obama is obviously fond of her predecessors vintage style as she was a sure fire fashion doppelganger in the Maria Pinto, pink tweed suit that absolutely channeled Jackie O's signature 60's design.
The late Princess Diana, was even on board with this style as Gianni Versace designed for her, his version of Kennedy's two piece pink suit.
As recent as 2008, the Jackie Kennedy inspired look continues to inspire designers as Princess Maxima of the Netherlands was seen wearing this timeless style...
Since the 60's there have been many variations and alterations to the original cut of this popular suit however, there will always only be the 'one' worn by Jackie.  It has been said that at the request of her daughter the dress not be displayed and understandably so with all due respect to the dismal history behind the garment...  


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