Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meat Dress Mayhem

Last week, California taxidermist Sergio Vigilato was given a rare request to preserve Lady Gaga's controversial dress made of meat that she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards last September.  The 35 lb. garment made from a dozen thin cut flank steaks had been kept frozen for close to a year before making it's way to Vigilato's shop.  It was stated that as it began to defrost it was discovered that it had initially begun to decompose but since the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame had paid him $6,000.00 up front to complete the job,  he went ahead with the process.  The dress was originally created by Los Angeles artist & designer Franc Fernandez & stylist Nicola Formichetti.
The message behind the meat was said to be symbolic of equal rights for everyone primarily regarding the double standard for men vs. women and how we can observe each other as 'pieces of meat'.  I think Gaga's artistic expression was hypocritical in the sense that she puts herself out their as a humanitarian so much so, that you'd think she would consider it a travesty to wear the animals flesh on her body.  I guess this wasn't the first time that Gaga chose meat as her fashion medium since prior to the MTV Awards, she was seen on the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan wearing a meat bikini.
Of course I was curious to find out what P.E.T.A. had to say about Gaga's meat haute' couture and this was the commentary...

"No matter how it's presented, flesh from a tortured animal, is flesh from a tortured animal and there's no way around the fact that it represents pain & suffering"

pics: unicornbooty.com, 99now.radio.com 

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