Monday, August 1, 2011

MOD Monday - Barbara Feldon

Everyone except for the new generation, more than likely remembers the comedy sitcom of the 60's 'Get Smart' starring Barbara Feldon as Agent 99, the sidekick to government intelligence agent Maxwell Smart.   
Not everyone knows however, that prior to landing her gig on the show, Feldon had a successful career appearing in commercials and even did a brief stint with modeling.  She appeared in Vogue and of course on several covers of the then popular TV Guide magazine.   
Because of the cult status of the now in syndication television series, Feldon is more well known for having been a pop culture icon of the 60's than she was for her various other credentials.  The eccentric artist of that era, Andy Warhol, immortalized her on canvas when he did a pop art quad portrait of her as well as a few other silk screens in 1965. Back then, if Warhol wanted to paint you, you were definitely in with the 'in crowd'.,,,,

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