Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fashions In Bloom Valentino Style

This past year we have definitely seen a vintage fashion trend resurface as budding bloom embellished fabrics and floral appliques have been used by the most astute designers.  Valentino, has definitely had a hands on approach to creating a new take on an old fave with everything from bags to gowns.  Florence Welch, the leading lady behind the new popular group 'Florence & The Machine' was working this floral Valentino couture dress, from his Spring collection at the Elton John AIDs foundation Oscar viewing party.  Flo always stays true to creating an ethereal vibe with her style choices and this one was on the money.  Shown here in a sheer illusion, earth tone chiffon floor length gown adorned with delicate pale petals that looked like they fell from the sky and dropped on the garment.
Vintage floral applique was extremely popular in the 1940's & 50's and was at that time mostly hand constructed as embroidery machines were still in somewhat of a primitive phase.
Harry Potter babe Hermione, aka Emma Watson chose to prance around in Valentino at the 2011 BATF Awards.  This silk chiffon embroidered with a blush of pink dress, was also from Valentino's Spring collection this year.  It had the same delicate petals as the dress worn by Florence Welch.
Valentino has put out some absolutely amazing bags, following suit to his fondness for all things floral.  With an almost $2,000 price tag, I know I'll be checking out the thrift stores for something similar!

Of course we have to finish off by mentioning the shoes that Valentino designed this year, also floral inspired of course!  These black mesh peep toes sandals with tiny petal appliques ROCK!  I so want them!  I have to give some mad props to the 79 year old enigma of the fashion world, Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani, simply known as 'Valentino'...  because he has made me absolutely fall in love with floral couture!