Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vintage Tapestry Fashions

When you say or hear the word 'tapestry', I'm sure a wall hanging of sorts comes to mind but tapestry fabric has been worn as clothing as far back as the middle ages in the era of castles and chivalry.  Tapestry in layman's terms is an intricate loom woven textile art that has been around for centuries, even dating back as far as the 3rd century BC as Greek tapestries have been discovered and preserved in desert of Tarim Basen.  The usual medium of choice for weaving tapestry is cotton or linen, but for more fancier fare, silk, gold & silver are often used.  It's amazing to look back now with wonder an awe as to how delicate the whole process was with the detailed art work performed with basic means in comparison to what is produced today with technology.  In February of this year, during Milan Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2011, designer Veronica Etro went Medieval bringing a primitive vibe to tapestry styles...
There's such an absolute rich history behind the fabric that is tapestry and every once in a great while here at Retro Threadz, we are lucky enough to acquire a rare tapestry find.  Stop by the shop to see our new listings this week!  Featured as of yesterday, we are excited to add this 'Vintage 60's Tapestry Go-Go Boots & Handbag set to our collection!
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