Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pippa's British Bootie Envy!

Ever since she made her debut appearance in the public eye, Pippa Middleton has been a tabloid sensation. From the whispers that suggested she stole the show at the royal wedding, upstaging her sis Kate when she dutifully trailed behind her carrying her train during the nuptials, wearing the form fitting gown designed especially for her by Alexander McQueen, the recent 'bootie envy' that is said to be sending women everywhere in droves to their local plastic surgeons in hopes of getting a boost to lift their derrieres a' la Pippa style!
For years, boob jobs, nose jobs & face lifts have been the most sought after procedures when it comes to physical enhancements, however, as of late with the ever escalating popularity of celebs such as Jennifer Lopez & Kim Kardashian, buttocks related aesthetic procedures or 'ass'thetics' ha ha...has been taking precedence for about the past five years.  Grant it, Pippa has an awesome figure, but seriously what is up with the website I just happened upon called ''?  I just don't get the whole 'ass envy' you?     

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Vanessa said...

I would like a reduction in my rear LOL !! Not willing to go under the knife though.