Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Summer Of Love - June 1967

Forty four years ago, in June of 1967, over 100,000 people migrated to the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco in what was known as a 'hippie rebellion'.  Many young people traveled from across the world to be a part of this event which promised them the opportunity to cast off social conservatism & experiment openly without reprecussions, basically in the areas of psychotropics, free love (i.e. promiscuous sex) and of course rock n' roll!  There was no formal advertisement for this gathering, it all came together by word of mouth that spanned a huge distance and diversity of individuals.  The most positive thing that arose from this was the idea of 'unity, love & acceptance' for all of humanity...That's the part I like best! 
I know some of the history of 'The Summer Of Love' first hand because of my now reformed, once die hard hippie, Uncle Noel who said it was given the name to offset the negative impression the media was pushing for, of it being a drug infused, hairy hippie orgy.  Of course, for all intents and purposes it pretty much was exactly just that, no matter how much they attempted to sugar coat it!...   
A fashion trend arose from this decade called 'bohemian' which is a combination of the anything goes style of the hippie movement sprinkled with a little bit of nomad and topped off with a pinch of free spirited gypsy.  This vintage style will never be out of style as it has lasted the span of four decades having not changed very much from the beginning of its origin.  The allure is that the wearer does not conform to the norms of fashion or society for that matter and in turn to some extent becomes a 'rebel'... Boho-Chic entails everything colorful, flowing, comfortable & can even incorporate mix matched prints into style choices.  It's the same now as it was then and is absolutely one of the most simple trends to keep up with because it never really changes...
Of all the eras of clothing I personally find appealing, I'm all about the Mod early 60's thru to the late vintage Hippie 60's to early 70's because of the non-comformity of the fashions.  What is your favorite style era?

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