Friday, July 22, 2011

Fashion In Film Friday - Star 80

The 1983 film titled 'Star 80', was based on the true story of the rise to fame of Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten, portrayed by Mariel Hemingway opposite Eric Roberts as her estranged husband, Paul Snider who took her life in a jealous rampage.  The movie achieved much acclaim and was even on film critic Gene Siskel's top ten list of the best films of 1983.
Dorothy Stratten was a small town girl from Canada, going to high school and  working at a local Dairy Queen when she met a customer, the twenty six year old Paul Snider who was a Vancouver club promoter and pimp.  Snider immediately set his sites on Stratten & coerced her into letting him take nudes pictures of her to submit to Playboy for consideration. 
She was underage at the time so he forged her mothers signature to sign the model release.  After being taking on by Playboy, Hefner suggested to Dorothy that she sever ties with Snider as he could see he was a complete 'hustler'.
Unfortunately Dorothy attempted to and it cost her, her life.  On August 14th, 1980, Paul Snider convinced Stratten to meet with him to 'talk' things out, in the house they once shared together.  Shortly after her arrival, he shot her and then raped her and her death was considered to be one of the most pre-meditated thought out and bizarrely orchestrated murders in history.
The movie 'Star 80', totally embodied the fashion flair for that time frame of the early 80's and the costumes in the film were impeccable.
Dorothy Stratten was the feminine version of the popular trends of that time bringing a vibe of romanticism with her style choices.  Off the shoulder flowing dresses, strapless gowns & lingerie. Stratten was the ultimate 'girly girl' of the 80's who unfortunately was stifled in the prime of her life & career.
Dorothy Stratten born Dorothy Ruth Hoogstraten in a Salvation Army hospital in the 1960's left behind her a 'rags to riches' story that will never be forgotten. , , , , , , ,


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Her story is so saddening. She truly was becoming her own person and ready to leave Paul. May she rest in peace and he burn in hell!