Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sarah Palin...Soccer Mom Gone Style Crazy!

Whether you're for her or against her, Sarah Palin doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.  Looking back to when she first became a media mogul, I can't help but remember when she was being scrutinized, and rightfully so, for her over $150,000 wardrobe bill that had her Republican donors outraged!  Her campaign was at a deficit for over $125,000 for Mrs. Palin alone!  Her clothing was said to have came from Neiman Marcus & Saks Fifth Avenue which was kind of contradictory to the 'down to earth, average joe' persona Palin was trying to play off on.  In an effort to buffer the situation and calm the angry mobs, it was stated by one of her representatives that, the clothing would be donated to charity after her election was over.  That kind of makes me laugh because I cannot think of how her business attire could be utilized by the homeless?
The once Governor of Alaska, has been said to have acquired her own secret style team since the previous 2008 Presidential campaign and has no problem springing for designer labels.  Valentino being at the top of her list... What's all the buzz though is the fact that she kept her own signature style but just traded it for the more pricey version (i.e. designer label), and it's literally the exact same style choice compared to what she wore before stepping onto the national stage.  It's a win win situation for her obviously since she was able to maintain her appeal to the working class while at the same time being able to sport some classy rags.
She has been in the press again lately as she has been cited as holding off on giving her decision as to whether or not she's going to run in the 2012 election.  If it's a 'GO', the Republican donors better start beefin' up their donations as I'm sure that now since she has gained celebrity status, they best know a shopping spree is in her forecast!

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