Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fabric Chat - The Return Of Chambray

Chambray is referred to as the 'old faithful' of fabrics.  It's been used for years to make men's work shirts but has gone from rugged to refined.  If you're not familiar with the characteristics of Chambray, here's the scoop.  Chambray is a fine lightweight fabric designed from cotton, woven with white threads across a colored warp. It can either be loom woven or combed & the weave can either be plain or dobby meaning having a 'raised' geometric pattern.  It has the feel of a linen finish.  I love that look, however, I don't care so much for the fact that it wrinkles easily.

Stars in Chambray: Carrie Underwood in a tiered chambray mini, Blake Lively in a chambray shirt dress...
The fabric once thought of as 'for men only', has become completely versatile on the feminine fashion front as we are seeing everything from flouncy tops, skirts, cargo pants and so much more!
Often once popular with women as the fabric of the 'boyfriend shirt', it has evolved into a wide spectrum of fashion fare and there's a long vintage history with the fabric, as chambray goes way back even to the days of our girl Marilyn...
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