Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spotlight Saturday

It usually follows suit that someone who gains instant celebrity status, usually becomes an instant fashion icon and that appears to be what has happened with Kate Middleton, or as called by her 'new' royal name...Catherine Duchess of Cambridge.  She's in the spotlight today because the tabloids have been making note of the fact that her wardrobe is less than colorful.  To see if this was in fact true, I went back and checked some reputable sources and the verdict is in that this is in fact 'truth'!  Where's the color Kate? Why so drab?  She's gorgeous, thin & Prince William's new bride but she needs to up her game because lately, she's definitely been lacking in the wow factor in regards to the ensembles she chooses for events in which she's under the watchful eye of the paps.  It's time to get your swag back on Kate, you're too young for the drab neutrals you've been choosing as of late!...

Perhaps since gaining royalty status, you want to divert us from this image?  Not gonna happen, we know that you're no modest mouse girlfriend!
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Vanessa said...

She seriously needs some red in her life! Maybe she favours the neutral shades to be less noticed ha ha.

Unknown said...

Good point Vanessa!