Friday, June 10, 2011

Fashion In Film Friday

The 1985 film 'Desperately Seeking Susan', starring then newbie super star Madonna centered around an unfulfilled housewife who meets free spirited Susan (Madonna) by accident when she began answering her personal ads in a New York tabloid.  She then becomes fascinated with her, gets amnesia & begins thinking that she actually is her.  Weak story line & weird, I know!  Although the plot left much to be desired, the soundtrack featuring Madonna's hits like 'Get Into The Groove' & 'Like A Virgin' as well as the fashions in this film that inspired a generation!

This movie is all about the popular clothing styles that surfaced in the 80's and Madonna was the first pop icon to make under wear as outer wear in public acceptable with the rise of the boustierre as well as bras paired with see through mesh tops as a bold fashion forward statement!


Hard to believe that was twenty six years ago and that to this day, this style is still in circulation, perhaps in a more modestly muted way, but still out there nonetheless!

Pop Icon Lady Gaga's style has definitely been instrumental in reinspiring this vintage style, but on a whole other level, as her no holds barred over the top fashion taste, or lack there of rather, has one upped Madonna in regards to shock value!

I personally prefer the less brash 80's version (i.e. Madonna's style) of under wear as outer wear because even she attempted to leave a bit to the imagination!  Truth is, everyone has the right to 'bare arms' so to speak but the question less always best? , , ,,, ,

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