Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jazzin It Up!

In the 1920's there was a liberation movement of sorts as women became more free spirited.  They smoked, danced, cut their hair short, wore make up and dared to take risks.  These women were called 'flappers'...

Flapper, by definition:
1. (in the 1920s) A fashionable young woman intent on enjoying herself and flouting conventional standards of behavior.

Flappers were generally urban, single, young middle-class women who usually held steady jobs by day and frequented jazz clubs by night.  These women sought to break down the barriers of the double standards that were the norm between men and women back in that era.  They were smoking, drinking & exploring their sexuality without reservation, at a time when it was unheard of for women.

This was definitely the time of the birth of 'female independence', as these reckless femmes were all about 'jazzin' it up' in every aspect of their lives!

The spirit of vintage speakeasy fashion is still alive and well circa 2011 as designers such as Rodarte, Reyes, Christian Dior and Reem Acra have designed flapper inspired frocks for the 21st century...

The HBO hit series Empire Boardwalk, set in the time of the prohibition has definitely had a huge influence on conjuring back up the style of the roaring 20's...

Thanks to these vintage rebels of days gone by, women have since been doin' it for themselves!!! , , , ,

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