Friday, June 3, 2011

Fashion In Film Friday

Even though it's absolutely over the top risque', the 1997 film 'Boogie Night's' about the sex industry in the 70's, totally captured the feel of the fashions for that time period.  The movie centers around the lead character, Mark Walhberg who plays Dirk Diggler for reasons I need not explain, but let's just say it's kind of a biography about the life of the late John Holmes who was the 'it' porn guy of the 70's to early 80's before losing his life to AIDS.

Besides the amazing soundtrack that hosted all of the popular tunes we know and love, the costumes featured were on the mark, and so much so that you actually believed it was filmed in the 70's! 

The two lead female characters (porn starlets) played by Heather Graham as 'Rollergirl' and Julianne Moore as 'Amber Waves' had the ability to take us back to the days of butterfly collars, knee socks, handkerchief hem dresses and platform shoes!  Not since Saturday Night Fever has there been a movie that influenced current fashion trends as much as Boogie Nights...

The styles of the 70's were pretty laid back.  Clothes were comfortable and non constricting.  Here's some ideas on how you can get down with your own Boogie Nights inspired wardrobe!

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