Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vivacious Vuitton!

Who doesn't love Vuitton bags?  This years new collection is absolutely vivacious as designer Louis Vuitton has lavished the avid followers with fresh new styles & bold palettes for their 2011 collection!

Louis Vuitton, is 'vintage' in it's own right being that the French fashion house has been around since 1854 & has been the world's leading designer ever since, currently topping a net worth of over 19 billion!  Although they originated with clothing, jewelry & accessories, they became uber famous for their signature monogrammed bags.

In spite of the controversy surrounding the creation of 'LV's' pieces being machined, the company still stands firm stating that there are over 100 stages additionally involved in the making of each bag to bring it to completion.  So in case you hand any questions regarding the validity of your bags construction, make no mistake...There are hands involved!

Vuitton is always surprising us with bold new concepts and I am especially excited about the new monogrammed, mono hued colorful clutches that are out now as well as the Avante-Garde chain strap Pochette...

I'm sure these gorgeous bags are worth every single one of the over 3,300 dollars they cost & so with that being said...maybe when gas prices come down a bit I'll got out and get me one!

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