Monday, May 9, 2011

MOD Monday

If you're 'mad for mod' and want to achieve this retro vintage look circa 2011, one important thing to know is that going 'MOD' will require more than acquiring the proper clothing.  It's also about the hair & the makeup styles that were popular in the 1960's.  

The most sought after hairstyles were the pixie and the fringe cuts, brought to light as a trend at that time by Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick.  The pixie was boy'ish and sexy feminine whereas the fringe was a more messy take on the same style. Called the 'fringe' because of the choppy wispy bangs.  

The basic 'cat eye' liner sometimes accentuated with white shadow on the lids along with big faux eyelashes to give your eyes the appeal of a doll is how you too can achieve the makeup vibe of that era.  The doe eyed Twiggy was known for painting lashes underneath her own with eyeliner which is a bit extreme!  If you're digging this and want to learn how to create your own mod style make up, check out YOUTUBE where you will find a great deal of helpful tutorials...

After you've achieve the hair and mod make up, you should consider beginning to incorporate some mod'ness into your wardrobe and the first item you might want to purchase is a basic mini skirt.  The mini is vintage and versatile and completely perfect as a starter piece and the bonus is, it has and never will go out of style!

Happy MOD Monday! 

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