Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vintage Beach Beauty Rewind

Back in the 1950's you would not be seeing a thong bikini clad vixen on the beach and if you did she was more than likely going to be arrested for indecent exposure.  You would however see women wearing what was more of a 'bathing dress' than a 'bathing suit' & they would accessorize it appropriately with a stylish cover up, full face make up and perfectly coiffed hair.  Guess they didn't do much swimming?! 

Of course, less was consider more in those days in regards to 'baring skin' &   surprisingly we are in the midst of a vintage beach beauty rewind as we are seeing a resurgence of that modest 50's style for Summer 2011. Designer Michael Kors suits are making big waves especially when accessorized with chic shades and wide brimmed hats.

I particularly love designer Betsey Johnson's fun & flirty take on this retro swimwear style that makes you think 'pin up' girl sexy!

It's no mystery that we live in a society that leaves 'little to the imagination' in regards to pretty much anything these days so what's wrong with backing it up a little bit and attempting to revive the jive of the simpler days?

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