Friday, May 6, 2011

Fashion In Film Friday

"T.G.I.F." & Welcome to the weekend!  Our Fashion In Film Friday topic is the 1988 movie 'Heathers' starring Winona Ryder.  The movie was basically an 80's prequel of sorts to the popular current flick 'Mean Girls' (i.e. bad girl cliques verses the goody goodies).  This popular 80's hit made school girl chic' a popular fashion trend that is now considered 'vintage'...

Plaid was popping up everywhere after the release of this film & 80's prep style was on the rise!  Pleated skirts that sat just above the knee, colored opaque tights & ballerina flats all topped off with a fitted padded shouldered jacket.  I remember this style all to well as I have to confess I actually dressed liked this!  

I haven't seen this style make a return since it was once popular, but you just never know..It will probably come back on racks in the not too distant future.  One lesson to be learned from following fashion trends is I always make sure to hang onto pieces that were once all the rage because "what's old always becomes new again....eventually."


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