Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo en Etsy!

Ola' senoritas! & Happy Cinco De Mayo en Etsy!   In case you have no idea why May 5th is celebrated each year by the Mexican culture, here's the deets. It is celebrated primarily in the state of Puebla as well as in the U.S. to commemorate the Mexican army's victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862. So enough with the brief history lesson, on to the fun stuff!  Cinco De Mayo is all about ... 'Fun, Music, Dance, Fashion & Food!'

Of course, we're going to focus on the 'FASHION', so...If you're gearing up to partake in any festivities this evening, make sure you go bright and bold with colors!  A-line skirts & dresses that swing are perfect for jiving to the Mariachi! & by the way, they don't have to be long...  Here are some fab & flirty frocks from our personal vintage collection.

                      ***Retro Threadz Vintage 50s Ric Rac Dress***

                 ***Retro Threadz Vintage 50s Floral Cocktail Dress***

If you prefer to go for a more modern fashion feel for Cinco De Mayo, feel free to incorporate a variety of colors, textures and patterns, because mix-match is definitely in for May 5th 2011!

                                            Que' divertido! 


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