Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flatform Platform Shoes...A New Twist to a Comfortable Stylish Classic

Have you seen the new platform shoe style that's out this year called the 'Flatform Platform?  Every well known designer is all about making their mark with this new twist on a vintage classic...

A lot of people think that the platform sandal style originated from the free spirited hippie days of the 70's, but the real deal is, these comfy high steppers have actually been around since the 1940's.

There have been many variations of this shoe style since the beginning of the design and today the wedge heel, platform and the new 'flatform platform' offers both comfort, balance and height as a diversion from it's uncomfortable counterpart, the stiletto...

This year we now have the new revamped flatform platform style that offers a much welcome refuge from the sexed up spindly stilettos and high arched wedgies that are being put on the back burner as designers from Derek Lam to Chanel are bringing back the airy cork, rich wood and woven hemp rope 70's styles with a new appeal of added comfort as these shoes are true to their name 'flatform' which puts zero strain on your little piggies! 

Now we can be kind to our feet and remain trendy all at the same time...But most importantly, we can still add the inches, minus the winces!    

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Anonymous said...

I soooo love the height platforms add. It gives you a new perspective on things ha ha. :)