Friday, April 8, 2011

Fashion In Film Friday!

It's that time of the week again here at Retro Threadz where we discuss a film that inspired the world of fashion and this weeks movie is..."Valley Girl" circa 1983 starring Deborah Foreman and Nicolas Cage who at the time the movie was made had not yet made his mark in Hollywood as a reputable actor. 

The term Valley Girl was a stereotype given to a group of ditzy, materialistic, self-centered and often promiscuous California girls in the 80's.  They even were characterized as having created their own language called 'valspeak' which coined phrases such as "Ohhh my gawd"..."totally awesome"..."that's so gnarly" and the unforgettable.."whatever!!!"  More than the language became a trendy fad, the fashions choices of the Vals which originated in California spread out to the United States. This style included colorful headbands, leg warmers worn with heels, ra-ra skirts which have been seen making there way back to the racks, mini skirts worn with leggings, sweatshirts with cut collars worn off one shoulder, dresses with thick shoulder pads & polo shirts with the collar poppin'!

Of course the style has made it's way back to current day, as does pretty much every vintage fashion trend once passed as we are seeing more bold, colorful statement pieces both in jewelry and clothing.

The 80's ROCKED and not just because it was the decade I grew up in of course!  The music, the fashion, the vibe..."Yeah..It was all pretty 'bitchin'!" , , ,          

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