Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rated PG Sexy

What's sexy?  Is it true that 'less is more'?  Nowadays it seems quite the opposite as we are seeming to conform to the European standards of modesty on all media fronts and even more so in today's fashions. Case in point, naked models walked the runway at London Fashion Week for Charlie Le Mindu! Way to shop your hats!

The 1940's & 50's was supposed to be the eras of the pristine 'good girl' but they managed to sneak a little naughty in there for sure!  My mother said she remembers back in the day her mother wearing a black sheer button down blouse with just a black bra underneath.  How did they get away with that back then?!  Maybe grandma was just a rebel? Check out this sheer lace number Rita Hayworth wore in the 1942 musical comedy 'You Were Never Lovlier'.  This now vintage scandalous dress was definitely ahead of it's time!

My mom's story of my grandmother's risque fashion choice led me to do a little scoping out on sheers as a current day trend.  I've been reading a lot about the New York Fashion Week still as articles are still trickling in and continue to pop up in the style section of the news as well as in the fash mags.  I came across Proenza Schouler.  Never heard of them, but they are fairly new being that they've only been around since 2002.  Proenza Schouler is a New York based modern design label that focuses their inspirations primarily on women's wear & accessories.

I Google'd them and went looking to see what I could find and their spring 2011 collection at the New York Fashion week was 'sheer heaven'!  I really dig how they couple the aspect of maintaining modesty with the sheer and sexy vibe of the delicate fabrics leaving much to the imagination by accompanying the styles with appropriate under garments such as boy shorts and camis.  

Sheer is definitely 'in' for Spring/Summer 2011 so make sure you keep it classy and not trashy and wear it rated PG Sexy! , , , ,


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