Friday, October 14, 2011

Fashion In Film Friday - Pleasantville

In 1998, Reese Witherspoon and Tobey McGuire starred in what could be considered a period piece film titled 'Pleasantville'.  The movie was set in the modern day and follows the two main characters as they are sucked into their television into a 'Leave It To Beaver' type black & white sitcom.  The costume designs for Pleasantville were immaculate in replicating the styles that both men and women incorporated into their daily wardrobes in the more 'simpler' time that embodied the era of the 1950's.  
The name of the film is connected to the idealism that everything was pleasant in the 50's and representative of a more puritanical time.  In all reality, less the obvious changes in censorship and morals, individuals in that time frame faced the same challenges that we do in this day and age in regards to making our way in the world and dealing with relationships.  The movie was instrumental in giving insight to the fact that we all have the same wants and desires in life and that as a whole, our ideas really haven't changed that much throughout the decades. 
The fashions of the 50's were absolutely recreated to give this flick a realistic quality.  Tight sweaters, circle skirts and cardigans.  If you love all things 50's check out Pleasantville now on DVD...
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