Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vintage Mod Bohemian Faux Fur Making A Comeback

When the cooler weather approaches, it's our nature to want to get into a cozy comfort zone.  This Fall & Winter 2011, the vintage fuzzy fashions of soft faux fur that were once popular with the 'Mod Bohemian' crowd, are making a comeback for a season of cuddly chic. Sonny & Cher were instrumental in bringing faux fur into the limelight in the 60's.
Also called fun fur, fake fur and most recently faux fur, this material usually made from synthetic fibers to mimic the look and feel of fur has been available since the 1950's.  Since then, it's popularity has soared with animal rights activists because it's an animal friendly alternative. The downside to faux fur is that they are made from synthetic fibers which when produced are not very environmentally friendly.  Meaning they aren't biodegradable and come from non-renewable resources.  You know there's always going to be the 'pros & cons'.
Just because it's going to be cold outside doesn't mean that we have to dress like lumberjacks!  Faux fur is the ticket for being trendy and warm.  Ranging in an assortment of complimentary accessories as well, from hats to bags and boots. It's such an easy look to throw together but make sure to keep it simple with solids as pairing too many prints with fur can make your outfit appear too busy.
Always keep in mind you want to complement, not overpower... Faux fur is such a simple way to add an element of texture to an otherwise drab outfit.
Also take heed to making sure you bypass looking like a cave woman (meaning make sure your faux fur isn't bulky over over sized).  For instance this what appears to be honey fox faux worn by Kelly Rowland is a fashion 'no-no' because there's just too much going on!
This pairing worn by socialite Kim Kardashian is the right way to faux...simple yet classic.
*You can totally get into your comfort zone this season and stay stylish as well by splurging on some very affordable faux fur. 

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