Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Is It Right To Wear White?

There's always been that age old fashion etiquette rule that's told us white after Labor Day is a 'no-no' but is it really?  It's true that the non hue clothing choice has always been associated with cooler climates, primarily Summer but if we go as far back to the 1920's, white was oftentimes linked to an elite society of socialites who vacationed in the Hampton's whereas the working class spent their time working year round to make ends meet. Some have claimed that wearing white in the Winter reflects light and heat and actually makes the wearer cold.  Who really knows the origin of the no white after September deal & does it really matter in the current day with all of the 'out there' designs & color schemes that seem to have no boundaries?  I would say..."NO"!
Celebrated in the United States, Labor Day is said to be the official mark to the end of Summer as vacations come to an end and children head back to school and throughout history, both Fall & Winter have always been thought of as darker color seasons in regards to apparel.  French designer CoCo Chanel believed 'white was right' year round as it was a permanent part of her personal wardrobe.  She dared to wear her signature white suit year round...
In vintage days wearing white was connected with 'snobbery' & 'keeping cool' but for all intents and purposes, especially in the 21st century, there is really no good reason not to wear white twelve months out of the year. With that being said, it's a personal choice and you're not going to be shunned for it.  For Fall/Winter 2011 we are seeing a lot of white on the front as Yves St. Laurent, Stella McCartney & Calvin Klein are showing us that white can be so right in spite of the idea that we've all held onto for years.
On a more casual & affordable level, white paired with anything is what is trendy for the cooler weather that's just right around the corner. So remember that it's your right to rock the white from here on out!

pics: otownstyle.com, myhero.com, elle.com, laurenhamptondesigns.blogspot.com


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