Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Top Fashion Rule Breakers

A fashion 'rule breaker' is anyone who goes outside the realm of what's considered current & 'appropriate'.  Fashion rule breakers dare to think outside the box and often take part in creating their own signature style.  For decades women have opted to follow suit with the status quo is regards to selecting pieces for their wardrobe, for instance by not wearing white after Labor Day, by matching their shoes with their hand bag and by keeping their clothes in sync with the climate.  All of those concepts are so not in effect anymore as these days, especially on the celeb scene, we are deff seeing a more liberal aesthetic in regards to fashion 'dos & don'ts'  Right now there are some major rule breakers and one in particular used to be on top of the game.  Of course I'm referring to 'Madonna'.  Madge dared to wear this monstrosity at the Metropolitan Museum Costume benefit, however, she may have misinterpreted that she wasn't actually suppose to wear one?!  The Louis Vuitton mini paired with the thigh high hooker boots, accompanied by the Marc Jacobs, what looked like a bunny eared hairpiece was an absolute 'flop' and so not classy!  In all reality though, Maddona didn't get where she is today by taking on a wallflower persona but her 'in your face' approach to entertaining most certainly did!
Now that Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj have caused Madonna to take a back seat as leading lady pop star.  This past Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards, Nicki walked the black carpet in what appeared to be a 'Toy Story' massacre!  There was too much going on to even try to make sense of!  From her ice cream cone bling to her cotton candy weave topped off by a colorful surgical mask.  She had us all thinking..."What the?" & that my dear readers was mission accomplished for Minaj!
I have to give Gaga 'mad props' because at least there's a theme associated to her madness.  Since making her debut in 2008 she's rocked the house & fashion houses too, as she has become the muse as well as collaborator both for & with many astute designers.
Minaj make rock but in my opinion Gaga rules!  What's your take?...


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