Saturday, August 27, 2011

Spotlight Saturday - Is Snooki Getting Into Fashion Biz?

In the Saturday Spotlight today is 'SNOOKI' & if you don't know who she is by now, then you must not read the tabloids or watch television & basically live under a rock or alone on a deserted island!  MTV's reality show Jersey Shore, has accumulated high ratings since it first aired in the Summer of 2009.  The cast was picked to represent the current lifestyle trends of what is referred to as 'guidos' & 'guidettes', which is basically a cutesy name for the club scene Italian Americans living in Jersey, Rhode Island & New York cities.  Nicole Polizzi nicknamed 'Snooki', for some reason that has no meaning behind it really, has gained huge celebrity status solely as a result of her outrageous behavior & drunken antics.  Having once had aspirations of going into veterinary medicine, since appearing on J.S., she's pushed that aside and has been making claim to having a new direction pointing towards becoming a designer. She wants to do it all, fashion, hair, sunglasses, etc...etc...  Of course her first goal will be to nab that perfect juice head guido. (If you want the deff look it up on urban dictionary a ha!).  Anyhow, back on the subject at hand, I can only imagine how much the retail biz is going to boom once she releases her line of what?...  matted bunny slippers & faux poof weaves?

One word ...."fuggedaboutit!"


Unknown said...

oh god. I hope not. terrible terrible terrible! blah! ;-)

Unknown said...

For real though! lol!